Book List

The Cube: A Window To Convex And Discrete Geometry

The Cube: Keep The Secret

The Cube: The Ultimate Guide To The World's Bestselling Puzzle - Secrets, Stories, Solutions

The Curve Shortening Problem

The Curves Of Life

The Chemical Element: A Historical Perspective (Greenwood Guides To Great Ideas In Science)

The Chemical History Of A Candle

The Chemistry Of Fragrances

The Chess Mysteries Of Sherlock Holmes

The Chess Mysteries Of The Arabian Knights

The Chronologers' Quest: The Search For The Age Of The Earth

The Darkroom Cookbook, Third Edition

The Day The Universe Changed: How Galileo's Telescope Changed The Truth And Other Events In History That Dramatically Altered Our Understanding Of The World (Back Bay Books)

The Derveni Krater: Masterpiece Of Classical Greek Metalwork (Ancient Art And Architecture In Context)

The Design And Analysis Of Efficient Learning Algorithms (ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award)

The Design Of Approximation Algorithms

The Design Of Rijndael: Aes - The Advanced Encryption Standard (Information Security And Cryptography)

The Design Of Things To Come: How Ordinary People Create Extraordinary Products

The Development Of Mathematics

The Development Of Prime Number Theory : From Euclid To Hardy And Littlewood

The Didactical Challenge Of Symbolic Calculators: Turning A Computational Device Into A Mathematical Instrument (Mathematics Education Library)

The Difference Engine: Charles Babbage And The Quest To Build The First Computer

The Dirac Equation (Texts And Monographs In Physics)

The Directional Calculus: Based Upon The Methods Of Hermann Grassmann

The Discrepancy Method

The Discrete Fourier Transform: Theory, Algorithms And Applications

The Dobsonian Telescope: A Practical Manual For Building Large Aperture Telescopes

The Do-It-Yourself Gunpowder Cookbook

The Dots-And-Boxes Game: Sophisticated Child's Play

The Duffing Equation

The Early Mathematical Manuscripts Of Leibniz (Dover Books On Mathematics)

The Eightfold Way: The Beauty Of Klein's Quartic Curve (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications)

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, And The Quest For The Ultimate Theory

The Elementary Differential Geometry Of Plane Curves (Dover Pheonix Editions)

The Elements Of C++ Style (Sigs Reference Library)

The Elements Of Integration And Lebesgue Measure

The Elements Of Matlab Style

The Elements Of Murder: A History Of Poison

The Elements Of The Integral Calculus With Its Applications To Geometry And To The Summation Of Infinite Series

The Emergence Of A Scientific Culture

The Emergence Of Modern Architecture: A Documentary History, From 1000 To 1800

The Emperor's New Drugs: Exploding The Antidepressant Myth

The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, And The Laws Of Physics

The Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks

The Encyclopedia Of Electronic Circuits Volume 6

The Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences

The Engine Of Reason, The Seat Of The Soul: A Philosophical Journey Into The Brain

The Engineer And The Scandal: A Piece Of Science History

The English Galileo: Thomas Harriot's Work On Motion As An Example Of Preclassical Mechanics (Boston Studies In The Philosophy Of Science)

The Enigma Of Ferment: From The Philosopher's Stone To The First Biochemical Nobel Prize

The Enjoyment Of Math: Selections From Mathematics For The Amateur (Princeton Science Library)

The Enjoyment Of Mathematics: Selections From Mathematics For The Amateur (Dover Books On Mathematical And Word Recreations)

The Enterprise Of Science In Islam: New Perspectives

The Enumerative Theory Of Conics After Halphen (Lecture Notes In Mathematics)

The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved: How Mathematical Genius Discovered The Language Of Symmetry

The Equations: Icons Of Knowledge

The Erwin Tomash Library On The History Of Computing

The Essential Galileo

The Essentials Of Archery: How To Use And Make Bows And Arrows

The Etymologies Of Isidore Of Seville

The Evolution Of Principia Mathematica

The Exact Sciences In Antiquity

The Expanded Quotable Einstein

The Experimental And Historical Foundations Of Electricity

The Extended Phenotype: The Long Reach Of The Gene (Popular Science)

The Eye Of The Painter And The Elements Of Beauty

The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers

The Facts On File Dictionary Of Cliche´s

The Facts On File Encyclopedia Of Word And Phrase Origins (Facts On File Writer's Library)

The Facts On File Geometry Handbook (Facts On File Science Library)

The Fall Of Man And The Foundations Of Science

The Fallen Sky: An Intimate History Of Shooting Stars

The Fantastic Inventions Of Nikola Tesla (The Lost Science Series)

The Fascination Of Groups

The Fast Fourier Transform: An Introduction To Its Theory And Application

The Female Thermometer

The Fermat Diary

The Fibonacci Vortex Handbook

The Fifth And Far Finer Than The First Four 637 Best Things Anybody Ever Said

The Fifth Postulate: How Unraveling A Two Thousand Year Old Mystery Unraveled The Universe

The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra

The Fifty-Nine Icosahedra

The Fighting Handgun

The Finite Element Method For Elliptic Problems

The Finite Element Method Using Matlab, Second Edition

The First Computers--History And Architectures (History Of Computing)

The First Crusade And The Idea Of Crusading

The First Electronic Computer: The Atanasoff Story

The First Latin Translation Of Euclid's Elements Commonly Ascribed To Adelard Of Bath (Studies And Texts)

The First Professional Scientist: Robert Hooke And The Royal Society Of London (Science Networks. Historical Studies)

The First World War

The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

The Flying Circus Of Physics; With Answers

The Fokker-Planck Equation: Methods Of Solution And Applications (Springer Series In Synergetics)

The Forger's Spell: A True Story Of Vermeer, Nazis, And The Greatest Art Hoax Of The Twentieth Century

The Forgotten Revolution

The Fossil Hunter: Dinosaurs, Evolution, And The Woman Whose Discoveries Changed The World

The Foundation Engineering Handbook

The Foundations Of Arithmetic: A Logico-Mathematical Enquiry Into The Concept Of Number

The Foundations Of Celestial Mechanics (Astronomy And Astrophysics Series)

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