Book List

The Newtonian Revolution

The Next Book Of Omni Games

The Nitric Oxide Revolution

The Noble Gases

The Noisy Oscillator: First Hundred Years From Einstein Until Now

The Noisy Pendulum

The Non-Linear Diffusion Equation: Asymptotic Solutions And Statistical Problems

The Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Celluar Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression Programming, Support Vector Machine, Wavelets, Hiddn Markov Mo

The No-Sided Professor And Other Tales Of Fantasy, Humor, Mystery, And Philosophy

The Nothing That Is: A Natural History Of Zero

The Novikov Conjecture

The Number Sense: How The Mind Creates Mathematics

The Numerical Solution Of Algebraic Equations

The Numerical Solution Of Ordinary And Partial Differential Equations (Pure And Applied Mathematics: A Wiley-Interscience Series Of Texts, Monographs And Tracts)

The Numerical Solution Of Systems Of Polynomials: Arising In Engineering And Science

The Nurbs Book (Monographs In Visual Communication)

The Official Solution To Alexander's Star

The One, The Only, The Original Jigsaw Puzzle Book

The Orbit Method In Geometry And Physics: In Honor Of A.A. Kirillov (Progress In Mathematics)

The Organ: An Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Of Keyboard Instruments)

The Origin Of Satan

The Origins Of Cauchy's Rigorous Calculus (Dover Books On Mathematics)

The Otto Dunkel Memorial Problem Book

The Oxford Book Of Modern Science Writing

The Oxford History Of Ancient Egypt (Oxford Illustrated Histories)

The P=NP Question And Godel's Lost Letter

The Palmer Method Of Business Writing

The Paradox Of Choice: Why More Is Less

The Paradoxicon

The Parthenon (Wonders Of The World)

The Path To Autonomous Robots: Essays In Honor Of George A. Bekey

The Pea And The Sun: A Mathematical Paradox

The Pendulum: A Case Study In Physics

The Pendulum: Scientific, Historical, Philosophical And Educational Perspectives

The Penguin Book Of Curious And Interesting Puzzles

The Penguin Dictionary Of Curious And Interesting Numbers

The Penguin Dictionary Of Modern Quotations, Second Edition

The Penguin Dictionary Of Proverbs

The Penguin Historical Atlas Of Ancient Rome

The Penguin Historical Atlas Of The Medieval World (Penguin Historical Atlas)

The People's Chronology: A Year-By-Year Record Of Human Events From Prehistory To The Present (A Henry Holt Reference Book)

The Petersen Graph (Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series)

The Philosophy Of John Duns Scotus

The Philosophy Of Leibniz

The Philosophy Of Mathematical Practice

The Philosophy Of Physics

The Philosophy Of Science (Oxford Readings In Philosophy)

The Philosophy Of Zoology Before Darwin: A Translated And Annotated Version Of The Original French Text By Edmond Perrier

The Physical Principles Of The Quantum Theory

The Physics Of Immortality: Modern Cosmology, God And The Resurrection Of The Dead

The Physics Of Synchrotron Radiation

The Pillars Of Computation Theory: State, Encoding, Nondeterminism (Universitext)

The Pinball Effect: How Renaissance Water Gardens Made The Carburetor Possible-And Other Journeys Through Knowledge

The Plateau Problem Part I: Historical Survey

The Plateau Problem Part II: Present State Of The Theory

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

The Pleasures Of Counting

The Pleasures Of Maths

The Pleasures Of Pi,E And Other Interesting Numbers

The Pleasures Of Probability (Undergraduate Texts In Mathematics / Readings In Mathematics)

The Poincaré Conjecture: In Search Of The Shape Of The Universe

The Poincaré Half-Plane

The Poison King: The Life And Legend Of Mithridates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy

The Poisoner's Handbook

The Police Composite Sketch

The Politics Of Excellence: Behind The Nobel Prize In Science

The Portland Vase: The Extraordinary Odyssey Of A Mysterious Roman Treasure

The Poussin Enigma

The Power Of Images In The Age Of Augustus (Thomas Spencer Jerome Lectures)

The Power Of Light : The Epic Story Of Man's Quest To Harness The Sun

The Practical Alchemist: Showing The Way An Ordinary House-Cat May Be Transformed Into True Gold, By Means Of Divers Methods And Practices

The Practical Handbook Of Genetic Algorithms. Vol. 2: New Frontiers

The Practical Handbook Of Genetic Algorithms. Vol. 3: Complex Coding Systems

The Practical Handbook Of Genetic Algorithms: Applications

The Practical Methods Of Organic Chemistry

The Prime Numbers And Their Distribution

The Primitive Soluble Permutation Groups Of Degree Less Than 256

The Princeton Companion To Mathematics

The Principles Of Mathematics

The Principles Of Mechanics Presented In A New Form

The Principles Of Projective Geometry Applied To The Straight Line And Conic

The Principles Of Psychology, Vol. 1

The Principles Of Psychology: Vol. 2

The Probabilistic Method (Wiley-Interscience Series In Discrete Mathematics And Optimization)

The Problems Of Mathematics

The Project Physics Course

The Project Physics Course. Unit 1: Concepts Of Motion

The Project Physics Course. Unit 2: Motion In The Heavens

The Project Physics Course. Unit 3: The Triumph Of Mechanics

The Project Physics Course. Unit 4: Light And Electromagnetism

The Project Physics Course. Unit 5: Models Of The Atom

The Project Physics Course. Unit 6: The Nucleus

The Proof Is In The Pudding: The Changing Nature Of Mathematical Proof

The Psychology Of Perspective And Renaissance Art

The Pursuit Of Perfect Packing

The Puzzle Instinct: The Meaning Of Puzzles In Human Life

The Puzzle King: Sam Loyd's Chess Problems And Selected Mathematical Puzzles

The Puzzling Adventures Of Doctor Ecco

The Puzzling Adventures Of Dr. Ecco

The Pyramid Builder's Handbook

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