Book List

Robotics: Science And Systems V

Robotics: State-Of-Art And Future Challenges

Robots And Screw Theory

Robots, Androids And Animatrons, Second Edition : 12 Incredible Projects You Can Build

Robust Computer Vision: Theory And Applications (Computational Imaging And Vision)

Robust Control Design With Matlab (Advanced Textbooks In Control And Signal Processing)

Robust Control Design: An Optimal Control Approach (Rsp)

Robust Kalman Filtering For Signals And Systems With Large Uncertainties (Control Engineering)

Robust Numerical Methods For Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations: Convection-Diffusion-Reaction And Flow Problems (Springer Series In Computational Mathematics)

Robust Optimization (Princeton Series In Applied Mathematics)

Robust Systems Theory And Applications

Rock, Paper, Scissors: Game Theory In Everyday Life

Rocket Propulsion Elements, 7th Edition

Rockets And Missiles: The Life Story Of A Technology (Greenwood Technographies)

Role Of Mathematics In Science

Roman Battle Tactics 109BC-AD313 (Elite)

Roman Britain: A Sourcebook (Routledge Sourcebooks For The Ancient World)

Roman Building: Materials And Techniques

Roman History, I: Books 1-11 (Loeb Classical Library)

Roman History, II: Books 12-35 (Loeb Classical Library)

Roman Imperial Statue Bases: From Augustus To Commodus (Aarhus Studies In Mediterranean Antiquity)

Roman Pottery In The Archaeological Record

Roman Silver Coins: A Price Guide (2nd Edition)

Roman Urbanism: Beyond The Consumer City

Roman Warfare (History Of Warfare)

Roman Woodworking

The Romans For Dummies

Romansy 18

Rome And The Western Greeks, 350 Bc - Ad 200: Conquest And Acculturation In Southern Italy

Ron Ranson On Skies: Techniques In Watercolor And Other Media

Roof Framing Made Easy

Roots Of Modern Technology

Rotating Machinery Vibration: From Analysis To Troubleshooting (With Diskette) (Mechanical Engineering)

Rotations, Quaternions, And Double Groups

A Royal Road To Algebraic Geometry

Rubik's Clock - A Quick Solution - Authorised Edition

Rubik's Cube Compendium (Recreations In Mathematics)

Rubik's Revenge

Rudiments Of Algebraic Geometry

Rudiments Of Ramsey Theory (Cbms Regional Conference Series In Mathematics)

Ruger 1022 Exotic Weapons System

Rules And Practice For Adjusting Watches

Rules Of Thumb For Mechanical Engineers

Russian Mathematicians In The 20th Century

Russian Models From The Mechanisms Collection Of Bauman University (History Of Mechanism And Machine Science)

Sacred Mathematics Japanese Temple Geometry

Saddlepoint Approximations With Applications (Cambridge Series In Statistical And Probabilistic Mathematics)

Sam Loyd And His Chess Problems

Sam Loyd's Cyclopedia Of 5000 Puzzles Tricks And Conundrums With Answers

Sam Loyd's Puzzles: A Book For Children

Sampling Algorithms (Springer Series In Statistics)

Satan, Cantor, And Infinity And Other Mind-Boggling Puzzles

Satellite Remote Sensing For Archaeology

Saunders Mac Lane: A Mathematical Autobiography

Scalar And Asymptotic Scalar Derivatives: Theory And Applications

Scale Modeling Handbook No 6: Modelling Tanks And Military Vehicles

Scale Modeling Handbook, No 10: Painting And Finishing Scale Models

Scale Modeling Handbook, No 12: Scale Modeling Tips And Techniques

Scale Modeling Handbook, No 13: Building And Painting Scale Figures

Scale Modeling Handbook, No 18: Detailing Scale Model Aircraft

Scale-Isometric Polytopal Graphs In Hypercubes And Cubic Lattices: Polytopes In Hypercubes & Zn

Scattering I

Scattering II

Science And Culture

Science And Hypothesis

Science And Islam (Greenwood Guides To Science And Religion)

Science and its Times Vol.1 - 2000 BC to AD 699

Science and its Times Vol.2 - 700 to 1449

Science and its Times Vol.3 - 1450 to 1699

Science and its Times Vol.4 - 1700 to 1799

Science and its Times Vol.5 - 1800 to 1899

Science and its Times Vol.6 - 1900 to 1949

Science and its Times Vol.7 - 1950 to present

Science And Method

Science And Parascience

Science And Technology In Homeric Epics (History Of Mechanism And Machine Science)

Science And Technology In Medicine: An Illustrated Account Based On Ninety-Nine Landmark Publications From Five Centuries

Science And Technology In The Age Of Hawthorne, Melville, Twain, And James: Thinking And Writing Electricity (American Literature Readings In The Twenty-First Century)

Science And Technology In World History, Vol. 2: Early Christianity, The Rise Of Islam And The Middle Ages

Science And Technology In World History: An Introduction

Science Awakening I: Egyptian, Babylonian And Greek Mathematics

A Science Career Against All Odds

Science Fiction Puzzle Tales

Science Frontiers: 1946 To The Present (History Of Science)

Science In Democracy: Expertise, Institutions, And Representation

Science In Dispute, Vol. I

Science In Dispute, Vol. II

Science In Dispute, Vol. III

Science In The Ancient World: An Encyclopedia (History Of Science)

Science In The Enlightenment: An Encyclopedia (Abc-Clio's History Of Science Series)

Science In The Spanish And Portuguese Empires, 1500-1800

Science Magic

Science Of String Instruments

Science Serialized Representations of the Sciences in Nineteenth-Century Periodicals (Dibner Institute Studies in the History of Science and Technology)

Science Teasers

Science Toys And Tricks

Science, Order, And Creativity

Science, Technology And Medicine In Colonial India (The New Cambridge History Of India)

Scientific American Inventions And Discoveries : All The Milestones In Ingenuity From The Discovery Of Fire To The Invention Of The Microwave Oven

Scientific Computations On Mathematical Problems And Conjectures (Cbms-Nsf Regional Conference Series In Applied Mathematics)

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