Book List

What Is Knowledge? (Suny Series In Latin American And Iberian Thought And Culture)

What Is Mathematics, Really?

What Is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach To Ideas And Methods

What Is Modern Mathematics

What Is The Name Of This Book?: The Riddle Of Dracula And Other Logical Puzzles

What Is Thought?

Wheels, Life And Other Mathematical Amusements

When Computers Were Human

When Do Fish Sleep? (Imponderables Books)

When Jesus Became God: The Epic Fight Over Christ's Divinity In The Last Days Of Rome

When Least Is Best: How Mathematicians Discovered Many Clever Ways To Make Things As Small (Or As Large) As Possible

Which Way Did The Bicycle Go?: And Other Intriguing Mathematical Mysteries (Dolciani Mathematical Expositions)

Who Gave You The Epsilon?: & Other Tales Of Mathematical History (Spectrum)

Who Got Einstein's Office?: Eccentricity And Genius At The Institute For Advanced Study

Who Put The Butter In Butterfly? And Other Fearless Investigations Into Our Illogical Language

Who's Afraid Of Schrödinger's Cat? An A-To-Z Guide To All The New Science Ideas You Need To Keep Up With The New Thinking

Who's Who In Ancient Egypt

Who's Who In Classical Mythology

Whose Historical Jesus?

Why Beauty Is Truth: The History Of Symmetry

Why Do Catholics Eat Fish On Friday?: The Catholic Origin To Just About Everything

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Why The Boundary Of A Round Drop Becomes A Curve Of Order Four (University Lecture Series)

Why? Why Has America No Rigid Airships?

The Wife Of Columbus

William Petty And The Ambitions Of Political Arithmetic

William Rex: A Model Ship

Williams & Packard's Gems Of Penmanship

Wings And Things: Origami That Flies

Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays, Vol. 1

Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays, Vol. 2

Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays, Vol. 3

Winning Ways For Your Mathematical Plays, Vol. 4

Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box To The Audion (Transformations: Studies In The History Of Science And Technology)

Wisdom From The Ancients: Enduring Business Lessons From Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, And The Illustrious Leaders Of Ancient Greece And Rome

Wit Twisters

Wittgenstein's Poker

Women Becoming Mathematicians: Creating A Professional Identity In Post-World War II America

Wonders In Wood: 46 Puzzles And Other Novelties To Make And Solve

Wonders Of Numbers: Adventures In Mathematics, Mind, And Meaning

Wood Finishing, Comprising Staining, Varnishing, And Polishing

Wood Handbook: Wood As An Engineering Material

Wood Modification: Chemical, Thermal And Other Processes (Wiley Series In Renewable Resource)

Wooden Puzzles: 29 Favorite Projects & Patterns (Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts Book)

Woods Hole Mathematics: Perspectives In Mathematics And Physics (Series On Knots & Everything)

Woodturning Techniques

The Woodworker's Handbook

Woodworking With The Router

Word Recreations: Games And Diversions From Word Ways

Wordplay: Ambigrams And Reflections On The Art Of Ambigrams

Workbench 120 Tips And Techniques

Worked Examples In The Geometry Of Crystals

Worked Problems In Applied Mathematics

Working Drawings Handbook

Workshop Practice Series 1: Hardening, Tempering And Heat Treatment

Workshop Practice Series 2: Vertical Milling in the Home Workshop

Workshop Practice Series 3: Screwcutting In The Lathe

Workshop Practice Series 4: Foundrywork For The Amateur

Workshop Practice Series 5: Milling Operations In The Lathe

Workshop Practice Series 6: Measuring And Marking Metals

Workshop Practice Series 7: Art Of Welding

Workshop Practice Series 8: Sheet Metal Work

Workshop Practice Series 9: Soldering And Brazing

Workshop Practice Series 10: Saws & Sawing

Workshop Practice Series 11: Electroplating

Workshop Practice Series 12: Drills Taps And Dies

Workshop Practice Series 13: Workshop Drawing

Workshop Practice Series 14: Making Small Workshop Tools

Workshop Practice Series 15: Workholding In The Lathe

Workshop Practice Series 16: Electric Motors

Workshop Practice Series 17: Gears & Gear Cutting

Workshop Practice Series 18: Basic Benchwork

Workshop Practice Series 19: Spring Design And Manufacture

Workshop Practice Series 20: Metalwork And Machining Hints And Tips

Workshop Practice Series 21: Adhesives And Sealants

Workshop Practice Series 22: Workshop Electrics

Workshop Practice Series 23: Construction: Planning, Design And Construction For Workshop Up To 3m (10 Ft) Wide

Workshop Practice Series 24: Electric Motors in the Home Workshop

Workshop Practice Series 25: The Backyard Foundry

Workshop Practice Series 26: Home Workshop Hints And Tips

Workshop Practice Series 27: Spindles, A Comprehensive Guide To Making Light Milling Or Grinding Spindles With A Small Lathe

Workshop Practice Series 28: Simple Workshop Devices

Workshop Practice Series 30: Workshop Materials

Workshop Practice Series 31: Useful Workshop Tools

Workshop Practice Series 32: Unimat III Lathe Accessories

Workshop Practice Series 33: Making Clocks

Workshop Practice Series 34: Lathework, A Complete Course

Workshop Practice Series 35: Milling: A Complete Course

Workshop Practice Series 36: Photo Etching

Workshop Practice Series 37: Dividing

Workshop Practice Series 38: Tool & Cutter Sharpening

Workshop Practice Series 39: Model Engineers' Workshop Projects

World War II Axis Booby Traps And Sabotage Tactics

Worlds Out Of Nothing: A Course In The History Of Geometry In The 19th Century (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics)

World's Trickiest Puzzles

Woven Wire Jewelry: Contemporary Designs And Creative Techniques Including PMC Techniques

Writing And Speaking In The Technology Professions

Writing Mathematically: The Discourse Of Investigation (Studies In Mathematics Education)

Writing Science Before The Greeks

Writing War

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