Book List

Il Manoscritto Messicano Borgiano

Il Matematico Impertinente

Il Passato E Il Presente Delle Principali Teorie Geometriche

Il Poligono Funicolare In Cinematica

Ill-Posed Problems For Integrodifferential Equations In Mechanics And Electromagnetic Theory (Siam Studies In Applied And Numerical Methematics) (Studies In Applied And Numerical Mathematics)

Illuminating The Border Of French And Flemish Manuscripts, 1270-1310 (Studies In Medieval History And Culture)

Illustrated Encyclopaedia Of Gold And Silver Coins Of The World: Illustrating The Modern, Ancient, Current And Curious, From A.D. 1885 Back To B.C. 700

Illustrated Guide To Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (Illustrated Guide)

Illustrated Sourcebook Of Mechanical Components

Image Alignment And Stitching (Foundations And Trends(R) In Computer Graphics And Vision(R))

Image Analysis And Mathematical Morphology

Image And Video Compression

Image And Video Encryption: From Digital Rights Management To Secured Personal Communication (Advances In Information Security)

Image Processing And Analysis: Variational, Pde, Wavelet, And Stochastic Methods

Image Processing And Jump Regression Analysis (Wiley Series In Probability And Statistics)

Image Processing And Mathematical Morphology: Fundamentals And Applications

Image Processing And Pattern Recognition (Neural Network Systems Techniques And Applications)

Image Processing Based On Partial Differential Equations: Proceedings Of The International Conference On Pde-Based Image Processing And Related Inverse ... 8-12, 2005 (Mathematics And Visualization)

The Image Processing Handbook

Image Processing In C:: Analyzing And Enhancing Digital Images

Image Processing In Optical Coherence Tomography Using Matlab

Image Processing Of Edge And Surface Defects: Theoretical Basis Of Adaptive Algorithms With Numerous Practical Applications (Springer Series In Materials Science)

Image Processing: Dealing With Texture

Image Registration

Image To Interpretation: An Intelligent System To Aid Historians In Reading The Vindolanda Texts (Oxford Studies In Ancient Documents)

Image-Based Modeling

Image-Based Rendering

Images Of A Complex World: The Art And Poetry Of Chaos

Imagined Worlds (The Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures)

Imaging Beyond The Pinhole Camera (Computational Imaging And Vision)

Imagining Identity In New Spain: Race, Lineage, And The Colonial Body In Portraiture And Casta Paintings (Joe R. And Teresa Lozano Long Series In Latin American And Latino Art And Culture)

Imagining Sex: Pornography And Bodies In Seventeenth-Century England

The Immortal Emperor

The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

Imperial Bayonets: Tactics Of The Napoleonic Battery, Battalion And Brigade As Found In Contemporary Regulations

Imperium And Cosmos: Augustus And The Northern Campus Martius (Wisconsin Studies In Classics)

Implicit Curves And Surfaces

Implicit Functions And Solution Mappings

Important Discoveries In Plane And Solid Geometry

Impossible?: Surprising Solutions To Counterintuitive Conundrums

Improve Your Lateral Thinking

Improved Bonferroni Inequalities Via Abstract Tubes: Inequalities And Identities Of Inclusion-Exclusion Type (Lecture Notes In Mathematics)

Improvised Home-Built Recoilless Launchers (Exotic Weapons)

Improvised Land Mines: Their Employment And Destructive Capabilities

Improvised Lock Picks

Improvised Radio Detonation Techniques

Impulsive And Hybrid Dynamical Systems: Stability, Dissipativity, And Control (Princeton Series In Applied Mathematics)

In Eves' Circles (MAA Notes)

In Mathematical Circles: A Selection Of Mathematical Stories And Anecdotes: Quadrants I, II, III, And IV (Mathematical Association Of America)

In Polya's Footsteps: Miscellaneous Problems And Essays (Dolciani Mathematical Expositions)

In Pursuit Of The Traveling Salesman

In Search Of Infinity

In Search Of Schrödinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality

Incendiaries: Advanced Improvised Explosives


Incredible Visual Illusions (Incredible)

Indefinite Linear Algebra And Applications

Independence Theory In Combinatorics: An Introductory Account With Applications To Graphs And Transversals (Chapman And Hall Mathematics Series)

Indiscrete Thoughts

Indra's Pearls: The Vision Of Felix Klein

Industrial and Military Cathode Ray Tubes

Industrial Robotics: Programming, Simulation And Applications

Industrial Robots Programming: Building Applications For The Factories Of The Future



Inequalities (Little Mathematics Library)

Inequalities And Applications

Inequalities For Differential Forms

Inequalities: A Journey Into Linear Analysis

Inequalities: A Mathematical Olympiad Approach

Inequalities: Theory Of Majorization And Its Applications

Les Inéquations En Mécanique Et En Physique

Inevitable Illusions

Inference And Prediction In Large Dimensions (Wiley Series In Probability And Statistics)

Infinite Dimensional Linear Control Systems

Infinite Loop Spaces: Hermann Weyl Lectures, The Institute For Advanced Study. (Am-90) (Annals Of Mathematics Studies)

Infinite Sequences And Series

Infinite Series

Infinite Series: Ramifications

Infinite-Dimensional Lie Algebras (Translations Of Mathematical Monographs)

Infinitesimal Differences: Controversies Between Leibniz And His Contemporaries

Infinity And The Mind

Infinity: Beyond The Beyond The Beyond

Informatics In Control Automation And Robotics: Selected Papers From The International Conference On Informatics In Control Automation And Robotics 2006 (Lecture Notes In Electrical Engineering)

Informatics In Control, Automation And Robotics II

Information Arts: Intersections Of Art, Science, And Technology

Information Theory (Tracts In Pure & Applied Mathematics)

Information, Randomness And Incompleteness: Papers On Algorithmic Information Theory (World Scientific Series In Computer Science, Vol 8)

Ingenieria De Control Moderna

Ingeniería Mecánica: Estática

Ingenious Mathematical Problems And Methods

Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers And Inventors, 1930-67 (Volume 1) (Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers & Inventors)

Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers And Inventors, 1930-67 (Volume 2) (Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers & Inventors)

Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers And Inventors, 1930-67 (Volume 3) (Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers & Inventors)

Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers And Inventors, 1930-67 (Volume 4) (Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers & Inventors)

Ingenuity In Mathematics (New Mathematical Library)

Initiation à La Théorie Analytique Des Nombres Premiers

Innovations In Robot Mobility And Control (Studies In Computational Intelligence)

Inorganic Electrochemistry: Theory, Practice, And Application

Inside Rubik's Cube And Beyond

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