Book List

"You Want Proof? I'll Give You Proof!": More Cartoons From Sidney Harris

1,911 Best Things Anybody Ever Said

2-Day Workshop On Fundamental Issues and Future Research Directions For Parallel Mechanisms And Manipulators

3D Computer Graphics: A Mathematical Introduction With OpenGL

3D Computer Vision: Efficient Methods And Applications

3D Game Engine Architecture: Engineering Real-Time Applications With Wild Magic (The Morgan Kaufmann Series In Interactive 3d Technology)

3D Game Engine Programming (Game Development Series)

3-D Geometric Origami

3D Manufacturing Innovation: Revolutionary Change In Japanese Manufacturing With Digital Data

3D Math Primer For Graphics And Game Development (Wordware Game Math Library)

3D Origami

3D Robotic Mapping: The Simultaneous Localization And Mapping Problem With Six Degrees Of Freedom (Springer Tracts In Advanced Robotics)

3D Shape: Its Unique Place In Visual Perception

3D-Position Tracking And Control For All-Terrain Robots (Springer Tracts In Advanced Robotics)

10 Moral Paradoxes

13 Lectures On Fermat's Last Theorem

13 Things That Don't Make Sense: The Most Baffling Scientific Mysteries Of Our Time

21 Techniques Of Silent Killing

22 Radio And Receiver Projects For The Evil Genius

40 Puzzles And Problems In Probability And Mathematical Statistics

50 Awesome Auto Projects For The Evil Genius

50 Problèmes D'Analyse

50 Years Of Artificial Intelligence: Essays Dedicated To The 50th Anniversary Of Artificial Intelligence (Lecture Notes In Computer Science)

50 Years Of Integer Programming 1958-2008: From The Early Years To The State-Of-The-Art

50th IMO - 50 Years of International Mathematical Olympiads

70 Trucs Et Astuces D'Atelier

99 Points Of Intersection: Examples-Pictures-Proofs

100 Expériences De Chimie Magique

100 Great Problems Of Elementary Mathematics (Dover Classics Of Science & Mathematics)

100 Greatest Science Discoveries Of All Time

100 Perceptual Puzzles (A Stimulating And Delightful Collection Of Puzzles And Mindbenders)

100 Things Every Writer Needs To Know

100 Ways To Disappear And Live Free

100% Mathematical Proof

101 American English Idioms

101 Brain Puzzlers

101 Great Answers To The Toughest Interview Questions

101 Great Resumes

101 Mathematical Projects

101 Quizzlers (Mind Benders And Fun Facts Series)

101 Science Experiments (Illustrations By Robert Borja)

103 Trigonometry Problems: From The Training Of The USA IMO Team

150 Puzzles In Crypt-Arithmetic

150 Ways To Play Solitaire

200 Puzzling Physics Problems

501 Challenging Logic & Reasoning Problems, 2nd Edition

501 Geometry Questions & Answers

507 Mechanical Movements: Mechanisms And Devices (Dover Science Books)

536 Curious Problems And Puzzles

536 Puzzles And Curious Problems

1000 Solved Problems In Classical Physics

1000 Solved Problems In Modern Physics

1434: The Year A Magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed To Italy And Ignited The Renaissance

1800 Mechanical Movements, Devices And Appliances (Dover Science Books)

1800 Riddles, Enigmas And Conundrums

1830-1930: A Century Of Geometry: Epistemology, History, And Mathematics (Lecture Notes In Physics)

2009 International Conference On Reconfigurable Mechanisms And Robots (REMAR 2009)

2107 Curious Word Origins, Sayings And Expressions From White Elephants To Song Dance

5000 B.C. And Other Philosophical Fantasies

A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe: Mathematical Archetypes Of Nature, Art, And Science

A Biographical Dictionary Of Ancient Egypt

A Blossoming Development Of Splines (Synthesis Lectures On Computer Graphics And Animation)

A Book Of Abstract Algebra

A Book Of Curves

A Brief History Of Ancient Astrology (Brief Histories Of The Ancient World)

A Brief History Of Computing

A Brief History Of Saints

A Brief History Of Science: As Seen Through The Development Of Scientific Instruments

A Brief History Of The Spanish Language

A Brief History Of Time

A Brief Illustrated History Of Machines And Mechanisms

A Brief Introduction To Theta Functions (A Volume In The Athena Series Of Selected Topics In Mathematics)

A Budget Of Paradoxes, Volume I

A Budget Of Paradoxes, Volume II

A Catalog Of Special Plane Curves

A Century Of Ideas: Perspectives From Leading Scientists Of The 20th Century (Fundamental Theories Of Physics)

A Century Of Mathematics In America (History Of Mathematics, Vol 1)

A Century Of Mathematics In America (History Of Mathematics, Vol 2)

A Century Of Mathematics In America (History Of Mathematics, Vol 3)

A Century Of Mathematics: Through The Eyes Of The Monthly (Spectrum)

A Century Of Nobel Prize Recipients: Chemistry, Physics, And Medicine (Neurological Disease & Therapy)

A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel

A Class Of Algorithms For Distributed Constraint Optimization: Volume 194 Frontiers In Artificial Intelligence And Applications

A Classical Introduction To Cryptography

A Combinatorial Approach To Matrix Theory And Its Applications (Discrete Mathematics And Its Applications)

A Combinatorial Introduction To Topology

A Companion To Medieval Art: Romanesque And Gothic In Northern Europe (Blackwell Companions To Art History)

A Companion To The Roman Empire (Blackwell Companions To The Ancient World)

A Comprehensive Introduction To Differential Geometry, Volume 1, 3rd Edition

A Comprehensive Introduction To Differential Geometry, Volume 2, 3rd Edition

A Comprehensive Introduction To Differential Geometry, Volume 3, 3rd Edition

A Comprehensive Introduction To Differential Geometry, Volume 4, 3rd Edition

A Comprehensive Introduction To Differential Geometry, Volume 5, 3rd Edition

A Computational Framework For Segmentation And Grouping

A Concise Introduction To Calculus (Series On University Mathematics, Vol 6)

A Concrete Introduction To Higher Algebra (Undergraduate Texts In Mathematics)

A Corpus Of Rembrandt Paintings IV: The Self-Portraits (Rembrandt Research Project Foundation)

A Course In Advanced Calculus

A Course In Combinatorics

A Course In Enumeration (Graduate Texts In Mathematics)

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