Book List

A New Century Of Inventions, Being Designs & Descriptions Of 100 Machines

A New Kind Of Science

A New Twist To Fourier Transforms

A Number For Your Thoughts

A Panorama Of Hungarian Mathematics In The Twentieth Century, I (Bolyai Society Mathematical Studies) (V. 1)

A Panorama Of Pure Mathematics, As Seen By N. Bourbaki

A Passage To Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics From Kerala And Its Impact

A Passion For Books

A Passion For Discovery

A Passion For Mathematics: Numbers, Puzzles, Madness, Religion, And The Quest For Reality

A Path To Combinatorics For Undergraduates: Counting Strategies

A Perfect Red: Empire, Espionage, And The Quest For The Color Of Desire

A Ph.D. Is Not Enough: A Guide To Survival In Science

A Plethora Of Polyhedra In Origami

A Posteriori Error Analysis Via Duality Theory: With Applications In Modeling And Numerical Approximations (Advances In Mechanics And Mathematics)

A Practical Course In Horology

A Practical Guide To Qabalistic Symbolism

A Practical Guide To Splines

A Practical Guide To The Invariant Calculus

A Practical Treatise On Fourier's Theorem And Harmonic Analysis For Physicists And Engineers

A Practical Workshop Companion For Tin, Sheet Iron, And Copper Plate Workers

A Primer For Mathematics Competitions

A Primer For The Monte Carlo Method

A Primer Of Algebraic D-Modules (London Mathematical Society Student Texts)

A Primer Of Diffusion Problems

A Primer Of Infinitesimal Analysis

A Primer Of Quaternions (1896)

A Primer On Scientific Programming With Python (Texts In Computational Science And Engineering)

A Primer On Wavelets And Their Scientific Applications, Second Edition (Studies In Advanced Mathematics)

A Probabilistic Theory Of Pattern Recognition

A Programming Language

A Quick Introduction To Tensor Analysis

A Radical Approach To Lebesgue's Theory Of Integration (Mathematical Association Of America Textbooks)

A Random Walk In Science

A Refutation Recently Discovered Of Spinoza By Leibnitz

A Remarkable Collection Of Babylonian Mathematical Texts: Manuscripts In The Schøyen Collection: Cuneiform Texts I (Sources And Studies In The History Of Mathematics And Physical Sciences)

A Sanskrit Primer

A Set Of New Smarandache Functions, Sequences And Conjectures In Number Theory

A Short History Of Chemistry

A Short History Of Greek Mathematics

A Simple Non-Euclidean Geometry And Its Physical Basis: An Elementary Account Of Galilean Geometry And The Galilean Principle Of Relativity (Texts And Monographs In Computer Science)

A Singular Introduction To Commutative Algebra

A Smoother Pebble: Mathematical Explorations

A Source Book In Mathematics, Vol I

A Source Book In Mathematics, Vol II

A Special Quartic Curve (University Of California Publications In Mathematics)

A Structural Account Of Mathematics

A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion

A Student's Guide To Maxwell's Equations

A Supplement To The Elements Of Euclid (1819)

A Survey Of Lie Groups And Lie Algebras With Applications And Computational Methods

A Survey Of The Almagest

A Survey On Knot Theory

A Symposium Commemorating the Legacy, Works, and Life of Sir Robert Stawell Ball

A System Of Geometry And Trigonometry: Together With A Treatise On Surveying; Teaching Various Ways Of Taking The Survey Of A Field; Also To Protract The Same And Find The Area. Likewise, Rectangular Surveying...

A Topological Aperitif

A Topological Picturebook

A Tour Of Triangle Geometry

A Tract On The Addition Of Elliptic And Hyper-Elliptic Integrals

A Transition To Advanced Mathematics: A Survey Course

A Treatise On Algebraic Plane Curves (Dover Phoenix Editions)

A Treatise On Analytical Dynamics

A Treatise On Differential Equations With A Collection Of Examples Arranged In Classes, Corresponding To The Several Divisions Of The Subject

A Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism, Vol. 1

A Treatise On Electricity And Magnetism: Magnetism Vol 2 (Oxford Classic Texts In The Physical Sciences)

A Treatise On Mathematical Instruments, Including Most Of The Instruments Employed In Drawing, For Assisting The Vision, In Surveying And Levelling, In ... And Using Them, Are Concisely Explained

A Treatise On Spherical Trigonometry, Part One: With Applications To Spherical Geometry (1912)

A Treatise On The Analytic Geometry Of Three Dimensions

A Treatise On The Analytical Dynamics Of Particles And Rigid Bodies (Cambridge Mathematical Library)

A Treatise On The Analytical Geometry Of The Point, Line, Circle And Conic Sections: Containing An Account Of Its Most Recent Extensions

A Treatise On The Astrolabe

A Treatise On The Circle And Sphere (1916)

A Treatise On The Cycloid And All Forms Of Cycloid Curves: And On The Use Of Such Curves In Dealing With The Motions Of Planets, Comets, &c. And Of Matter Projected From The Sun

A Treatise On The Higher Plane Curves: Intended As A Sequel To A Treatise On Conic Sections

A Treatise On The Line Complex

A Treatise On The Theory Of Algebraical Equations

A Treatise On The Theory Of Bessel Functions

A Treatise On The Theory Of Invariants

A Treatise On The Theory Of Screws (1900)

A Tutorial On Elliptic PDE Solvers And Their Parallelization (Software, Environments, And Tools)

A Vector Analysis Of Robot Manipulators

A Wavelet Tour Of Signal Processing (Wavelet Analysis & Its Applications)

A Weak Convergence Approach To The Theory Of Large Deviations (Wiley Series In Probability And Statistics)

A Winterthur Guide To American Chippendale Furniture

A Workbook In Higher Algebra

A World Without Time: The Forgotten Legacy Of Godel And Einstein


Abc Of Relativity (Routledge Classics)

Abc-Clio World History Companion To The Scientific Revolution (History Of Science (Frankln Watts))

Abel Integral Equations: Analysis And Applications (Lecture Notes In Mathematics)

Abelian Functions: Abel's Theorem And The Allied Theory Of Theta Functions (Cambridge Mathematical Library)

Abelian Integrals (Monografías Del Instituto De Matemáticas)

Abelian Varieties, Theta Functions And The Fourier Transform

Abel's Proof: An Essay On The Sources And Meaning Of Mathematical Unsolvability

Abel's Theorem And The Allied Theory: Including The Theory Of The Theta Functions (1897)

Abel's Theorem In Problems And Solutions: Based On The Lectures Of Professor V. I. Arnold (The Kluwer International Series In Engineering & Computer Science)

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Abridged Grammars Of The Languages Of The Cuneiform Inscriptions (1888)

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