2-Day Workshop On Fundamental Issues and Future Research Directions For Parallel Mechanisms And Manipulators
Université Laval (2001)
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1. I. Zabalza, J. Ros, J.J. Gil, J.M. Pintor, J.M. Jimemez “TRI-SCOTT. A MICABO like 6-DOF Quasi-Decoupled Parallel Manipulator”.

2. P. Wenger, D. Chablat “Design of a Three-Axis Isotropic Parallel Manipulator for Machining Applications: The Orthoglide”

3. X. Kong, C.M. Gosselin “A Class of 3-DOF Translational Parallel Manipulators with Linear I-O Equations”

1. U.A. Tol, J.-P. Clerc, G.J. Wiens, “Micro/Macro Approach for Dexterity Enhancement of PKM’s”.

2. J.L. Herder “Some Considerations Regarding Statically Balanced Parallel Mechanisms (SBPM’s)”.

3. S. Krut, O. Company, F. Pierrot “Velocity Performance Indexes for Parallel Mechanisms with Actuation Redundancy”.

4. M.J.D. Hayes “Architecture Independent Workspace Analysis of Planar Three-Legged Manipulators”

T. Brogårdh, “PKM Research – Important Issues as seen from a Product Development Perspective at ABB Robotics”

1. A.S. Sorensen, H.G. Petersen, O.G. Jakobsen, J. Steinicke “Towards the Industrial Usage of Parallel Kinematic Chain Modules in a Fully Modular Robotic Manipulator”.

2. J. Yoon, J. Ryu, “Reconfigurability of a Parallel Manipulator: A Case Study”.

3. E. Ottaviano, M. Ceccarelli, “Optimum Design of Parallel Manipulators for Workspace and Singularity Performances”.

4. G.F. Liu, Z.X. Li, “General Geometric Algorithms for Optimal Design of Parallel Manipulators”.

5. K. Kozak, P.A. Voglewede, I. Ebert-Uphoff, W. Singhose, “Concept Paper: On the Significance of the Lowest Linearized Natural Frequency of a Parallel Manipulator as a Performance Measure for Concurrent Design”.

1. A. Meschini, R. Sinatra, S. Pirrotta, “A Parallel Mechanism for a Satellite Antenna with Double Reflector”.

2. M.L. Husty, A. Karger, “Self Motions of Stewart-Gough-Platforms – An Overview”.

3. Y. Takeda, U. Spaelter, H. Funabashi, “Forward Displacement and Singularity Analysis of a Crank-Type 6-3 In-Parellel Actuated Mechanism”.

4. A. Perez, J.M. McCarthy, “Dual Quaternion Synthesis of a 2-TPR Constrained Parallel Robot”.

J. Angeles, “The Qualitative Synthesis of Parallel Manipulators”

1. X-J. Liu, J. Kim, J. Wang, “Two Novel Parallel Mechanisms with Less than Six DoFs and the Applications”.

2. J. Kim, J.C. Hwang, J.S. Kim, C.C. Iurascu, F.C. Park, Y.M. Cho, “Analysis and Design of a New 6 D.O.F. Full Tilting Parallel Mechanism”.

3. P. Lafourcade, M. Llibre, C. Reboulet, “Design of a Parallel Wire-Driven Manipulator for Wind Tunnels”.

4. A. Fattah, S.K. Agrawal, “Design of Cable-Suspended Planar Parallel Robots for an Optimal Workspace”.

1. I. Fassi, G. Legnani, “Automatic Identification of a Minimum, Complete and Parametrically Continuos Model for the Geometrical Calibration of Parallel Robots”.

2. V. Parenti-Castelli, S. Venanzi, “On the Joint Clearance Effects in Serial and Parallel Manipulators”

3. M. Krefft, M. Frindt, J. Hesselbach, F.M. Wahl, “Robotic Systems for Handling and Assembly -- High Dynamic Parallel Structures with Adaptronic Components --“.

J.L. Herder, “Proposal for a Self-Developing Practical Course in Parallel Mechanisms”.

1. C. Lange, J-C Piedboeuf, E. Martin, J. Kövecses, “Towards Docking Emulation using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation with Parallel Platforms”.

2. R.L. Williams, II, “Parallel Robot Projects at Ohio University”.

3. B. Dasgupta, “Redundancy Resolution Schemes for Parallel Manipulators with Force Redundancy”.

4. K. Mianowski, “On Some Properties of POLMAN-3L Parallel Manipulator to the Use as a 3-D Measuring System for Industrial/Educational Applications”.

5. A.M. Hay, J.A. Snyman, “Design of Parallel Manipulators for Optimal Conditioning Throughout a Prescribed Workspace”.

6. Z. Huang, Q.C. Li, “On the Type Synthesis of Lower-Mobility Parallel Manipulators”.

7. J.M. Herve, M. Karouia, “The Novel 3-RUU Wrist with No Idle Pair”.

8. Y-Q Zheng, “Workspace Analysis of a Six DOF Wire-Driven Parallel Manipulator”.

9. Z. Xu, F. Xi, C.K. Mechefske, “Kinetostatic Analysis and Optimization of a Tripod Attachment for Machine Tools”.

10. P. Zsombor-Murray, “Planar Point & Line Transformation with Blaschke-Grünwald Image Space Coordinates”.

1. Y. Wu, C.M. Gosselin, “On the Synthesis of a Reactionless 6-DOF Parallel Mechanism Using Planar Four-Bar Linkages”.

2. W.A. Khan, V. Krovi, “Comparison of Two Alternate Methods for Distributed Forward Dynamic Simulation of a Four-Bar Linkage”.

3. I. Ebert-Uphoff, K. Kozak, “Review of the Role of Quasi-Coordinates for the Kinematic and Dynamic Modeling of Parallel Manipulators”.

4. J. Kövecses, J-C. Piedboeuf, C. Lange, “Methods for Dynamic Models of Parallel Robots and Mechanisms”.

5. T. Geike, J. McPhee, “On the Automatic Generation of Inverse Dynamic Solutions for Parallel Manipulators with Full and Reduced Mobility”.