The Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences - N. J.A. Sloane
Academic Press (1995)
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Sequences (Mathematics), Numbers, Natural

This encyclopedia contains more than 5000 integer sequences, over half of which have never before been catalogued. Because the sequences are presented in the most natural form, and arranged for easy reference, this book is easier to use than the authors earlier classic A Handbook of Integer Sequences. The Encyclopedia gives the name, mathematical description, and citations to literature for each sequence. Following sequences of particular interest, thereare essays on their origins, uses, and connections to related sequences (all cross-referenced). A valuable new feature to this text is the inclusion of a number of interesting diagrams and illustrations related to selected sequences.The initial chapters are both amusing and enlightening. They serve as a delightful introduction to the subject and a short course on how to identify and work with integer sequences. This encyclopedia brings Sloanes ground-breaking Handbook up to date, more than doubling its size, and linking both the old and the new material to an extensive bibliography (over 25 pages long), of current and classic references. An index to all the sequences in the book is also available separately on disk in Macintosh and IBM formats.Key Features* Contains more than 5000 integer sequences* Gives the name and mathematical description of each sequence* Provides citations to literature for each sequence* Extensively cross-referenced* Lists a bibliography of more than 25 pages

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