The Fibonacci Vortex Handbook - Earik Beann
s.n. (2004)
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Fibonacci numbers, Speculation - Mathematical models

The Fibonacci Vortex is a pattern that can be used to forecast turning points in stocks and futures. Unlike the more conventional Fibonacci tools, the Vortex gives targets in both price and time simultaneously. When used properly you know not only the price where a stock will meet support or resistance, but also the time at which this event will occur. This book covers the theory behind the pattern, how to construct it, how to forecast with it, and most importantly, how to trade with it. In-depth chapters on chart scaling, sizing the vortex, time targets, price targets, and time/price squares, plus countless example charts. This is the first book detailing this amazing trading tool, once a closely guarded secret of a select group of CTAs and floor traders.

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LoC Classification HG6015 .B43 2004
Format Paperback
No. of Pages 120
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