The Etymologies Of Isidore Of Seville - Isidore
Cambridge University Press (2006)
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Didactic Literature, Latin (Medieval And Modern) - Translations Into English, Encyclopedias And Dictionaries - Early Works To 1600, Latin Language - Etymology - Early Works To 1800

This work is the first complete English translation of the Latin Etymologies of Isidore, bishop of Seville (c. 560-636). Isidore compiled the work between c. 615 and the early 630s and it takes the form of an encyclopedia, arranged by subject-matter. It contains much lore of the late classical world beginning with the Seven Liberal Arts, including Rhetoric, and touches on hundreds of topics ranging from the names of God, the terminology of the Law, the technologies of fabrics, ships and agriculture to the names of cities and rivers, the theatrical arts, and cooking utensils. Isidore provides etymologies for most of the terms he explains, finding in the causes of words the underlying key to their meaning. This book offers a highly readable translation of the twenty books of the Etymologies, one of the most widely known texts for a thousand years from Isidore's time.

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