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CHEERFUL: Analysis and design of controllers for high-pressure electrolyzers applied to obtaining hydrogen for a PEM fuel-cells setup


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A high pressure electrolyzer is a device that produces hydrogen and oxygen at the storage pressure without the need for compressors. This would allow to obtain greater efficiencies in the production of hydrogen as energetic vector. There are still technical difficulties related to the purity of the gases produced and the energy efficiency of the process that needs to be studied and modeled. That is why it has been designed and built a system to carry out tests that analyze the performance for different states of operation, evaluating pressure, temperature and current density. These tests have allowed us to discover trends in the response of the equipment and validate its operation. We are currently making improvements in the device and in the acquisition of the variables to be able to deepen the knowledge of the operation and to be able to make models that allow to develop robust and efficient controls.