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M.Sc. Mathematics, University of Barcelona (UB
M.Sc. Computer Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMASS
Ph.D. Computer Science, Polytechnical University of Catalunya (UPC
Professor of Research, Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC)
Head of research line Perception and Manipulation, Institut de Robotica i Informatica Industrial (IRI)

Summary and video of my lecture "Robotic Assistants: Science meets Fiction" at IJARS

Summary and video of my keynote "Clothing assistants: Challenges for robot learning" at ICRA'15

My presentation "Being human in the robot age" at ICRA'13 Science Forum "Robotics meets The Humanities"


Racó literari / Rincón literario / Literary corner

Llorens i Artigas 4-6, 08028 Barcelona,SPAIN
torras AT (e-mail)