Lluís Ros's home page
Mechanical Eng. (1992), PhD in Robotics and Automation (2000)
Associate Researcher, CSIC (2005-today)
Assistant Professor, UPC (2014-2016)
Kinematics and Robot Design Group
Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (UPC / CSIC)

You can here find information on my research interests, publications, projects, pictures, and selected links

"Whatever mankind invented to the present day is ridiculous compared to the life of a beetle" - Albert Einstein

Check out our book on robot singularities and its companion web:

October 2018: Ricard Bordalba presents our LQR controller for parallel robots at IROS 2018, Madrid.
September 2018: Iñigo Moreno starts working on kinodynamic planning of omnidirectional vehicles.
September 2018: Pere Giró defends his B.Sc. thesis on the control of a spherical pendulum with a cable-driven robot.
July 2018: Ricard Bordalba presents a kinodynamic planning method that avoids singularities at ARK 2018, Bologna.
May 2018: Ricard Bordalba presents a kinodynamic motion planner for constrained systems at ICRA 2018 in Brisbane.
September 2017: Oriol Bohigas is invited speaker at the Summer School on Singularities of Mechanisms, Linz.
September 2017: Daniel González and I attend JA 2017 to present a new version of our ball-and-plate system (joint work with F. Thomas).
August 2017: Ricard Bordalba presents our paper on kinodynamic planning for cable-suspended robots at CABLECON 2017
September 2016: Our book on robot singularities has just been published! See its companion web.
September 2016: Rita Roca has obtained her B.Sc. degree with a final project on the Hexaglide
April 2016: New TRO paper: "Planning Wrench Feasible Motions for Cable-driven Hexapods"
March-May 2016: Carlos Rosales and Oriol Bohigas co-found Beta Robots with Andreu Corominas. All the best for you guys!
March 2016: Ricard Bordalba starts his PhD
November 2015: Alex Rajoy completes his M.Sc. with a nice Arduino-based 3-RRR robot that avoids singularities
September 2015 - January 2016: New edition of our master course Geometric Fundamentals for Robot Design
January 2015: Our new research project ROBCAB starts
September 2014: Oriol Bohigas is invited speaker in the Advanced School on Singular Configurations of Mechanisms at CISM (Udine)
September 2014: Paper about the CUIK suite in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine
September 2014: Carlos Rosales wins the 3rd prize to the best Spanish PhD thesis in Robotics (2013 edition). See him presenting
September 2014: Oriol Bohigas wins the 1st prize to the best Spanish PhD thesis in Robotics (2013 edition)
2014-2016: I'll be teaching Automatic Control at UPC.
May 2013: Paper at CK'2013 on the Symmetric Molecular Conjectures, with J. M. Porta, B. Schulze, A. Sljoka, and W. Whiteley
May 2013: Oriol Bohigas has obtained his Ph.D. Congratulations!
January 2013: Carlos Rosales has obtained his Ph.D.. Congratulations!

Contact information:
Lluís Ros
Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial
Edifici "U", Campus Sud de la UPC
C. Llorens Artigas 4-6, 2a planta 08028 Barcelona
Electronic mail: lros at iri dot upc dot edu
Telephone: +34.93.401.57.51