Mitigation of communication failures in distributed model predictive control strategies

Journal Article (2018)


IET Control Theory and Applications

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Information sharing among local controllers is the key feature of any Distributed Model Predictive Control (DMPC) strategy. This paper addresses the problem of communication failures in DMPC strategies and proposes a distributed solution to cope with them. The proposal consists in an information-exchange protocol that is based on distributed projection dynamics. By applying this protocol as a complementary plug-in to a DMPC strategy, the controllers become resilient against communication failures and relax the communication requirements. Furthermore, a discussion on the selection criteria of the information-sharing network and a reconfiguration algorithm, which is a contingency procedure to maintain the connectivity of the network, are also presented. In order to demonstrate the performance and advantages when adopting the proposed approach, a case study of a power-network control problem is considered.


automation, control theory, optimisation.

Author keywords

Distributed MPC, information-exchange protocol, distributed projection dynamics

Scientific reference

W. Ananduta, J. Barreiro, C. Ocampo-Martínez and N. Quijano. Mitigation of communication failures in distributed model predictive control strategies. IET Control Theory and Applications, 2018, to appear.