Modeling and fault diagnosis of flat inland navigation canals

Journal Article (2018)


Journal of Systems and Control Engineering

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This paper regards the development of an analytical redundancy-based approach for detecting and isolating both sensor and actuator faults in flat inland navigation canals. Inland navigation networks are principally used for transport and are composed of many canalized natural rivers and artificial canals characterized by no slope. These canals are strongly affected by resonance phenomena, which can create waves such that the navigation condition might not be guaranteed. It is therefore required to ensure dealing with fault-free measured data and actuators. The proposed approach is based on the Integrator Delay Zero (IDZ) model of the flat inland navigation canal. The proposed method is tested by considering the Cuinchy-Fontinettes navigation reach (in the north of France) to detect and isolate the occurrence of faults in the Cuinchy and Fontinettes level sensors and in the Cuinchy gate.


control theory.

Author keywords

Large-scale systems, open-flow water networks, modeling, fault detection and isolation

Scientific reference

P. Segovia, J. Blesa, K. Horváth, L. Rajaoarisoa, F. Nejjari, V. Puig and E. Duviella. Modeling and fault diagnosis of flat inland navigation canals. Journal of Systems and Control Engineering, 2018, to appear.