Aims and Objectives

Our aim is to provide versatile parallel robots, which can be easily reconfigured for specific tasks, at a low cost. Our robots are fully sensorized to make them easy to calibrate and operate. They incorporate high resolution inclinometers, tension and compression sensors, and gyroscopes. The information that all these sensors provide permit to automatically recalibrate the robot after a reconfiguration, detect and compensate systematic errors, disambiguate between assembly modes, avoid singularities, detect leg collisions and, in general, any malfunction that might damage the robot.

Our Hall of Fame

Double Platform
Josep Camps

Patrick Grosch

Julia Borràs
Aleix Rull

Double Platform
Abhijit Makhal

Double Platform
Federico Thomas

Aitor Ramírez and Daniel González

Some videos

Reconfigurable Gough-Stewart platforms

Reconfigurable hexaglides and pentaglides

These platforms consists of six extensible legs connecting a moving platform to a fixed base. We avoid the use of multiple spherical joints (that is, spherical joints sharing the same center) without loosing the properties of the celebrated octahedral architecture.

These platforms have fixed-length legs whose base attachments can be moved along guides. They can be manually reconfigured to have a 5 or a 6-dof-platform.
Gough-Stewart platform

Gough-Stewart platforms with lockable joints

Wrench sensors based on in-parallel structures

These are reconfigurable parallel robots consisting of a fixed base and a moving platform connected by serial chains having RRPS (Revolute-Revolute- Prismatic-Spherical) topology. Only the prismatic joint is actuated and the first revolute joint in the chain can be locked or released online. The introduction of these lockable joints allow the prismatic actuators to maneuver to approximate 6-DoFmotions for the moving platform.
Different in-parallel structures have been conceived as six-component force sensors.  Their fixed-length legs are connected to the base and the platform through ball-and-socket joints.


Federico Thomas
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