Geometric And Solid Modeling: An Introduction (The Morgan Kaufmann Series In Computer Graphics And Geometric Modeling) - Christoph M. Hoffmann
Morgan Kaufmann Pub (1989)
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Computer graphics, Three-dimensional display systems

It is the view of the author that the streams of geometric and solid modeling are converging, and that as the importance of this convergence is anticipated and recognized, the need for the development of techniques to bridge the gap between the two becomes critical. This book is devoted to filling that need.

"Geometric and Solid Modeling" deals with the concepts and tools needed to design and implement solid-modeling systems and their infrastructure and substrata, making this information remarkably accessible--to the novice as well as to the experienced designer. The essential algorithms and the underlying theory needed to design these systems are given primary emphasis.

Techniques for the study and implementation of geometric algorithms are taken from computer science, numerical analysis, and symbolic computation, among other areas. Special attention is given to geometric investigations of implicit and parametric surfaces, with the focal point being the possible integration of geometric and solid modeling.

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