Curious Folks Ask 2 - 188 Real Answers on Our Fellow Creatures, Our Planet, and Beyond - Seethaler Sherry
Pearson Education (2011)
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Biology - Miscellanea, Life (Biology) - Miscellanea

More Amazing Science Q&As from the Author ofCurious Folks Ask! Why do lizards do pushups? Does hot water really freeze faster than cold water? Why does the moon look bigger at the horizon? Why do some people float and others sink? Whatrs"s better, paper or plastic? Why canrs"t anything go faster than light? How did oil get there? How does carbon dating work, and why do scientists trust it? How much does the earth weigh? Why canrs"t you make square soap bubbles? These are just a few of the fascinating science questions real people have asked top science writer, author, and columnist Sherry Seethaler. This book brings together 188 of her best answersall crystal-clear, accurate, quick, and a pleasure to read. Seethaler knows exactly how to cut through jargon, confusion, and myths. Shers"s passionate about sharing what scientists have learnedand what they still donrs"t know. In this book, she explores everything from the inside of your freezer to the deepest reaches of the universe, ancient myths to cutting-edge theories. Prepare to beeven moresurprised, intrigued, and amazed!

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