The Art Of Problem Solving: A Resource For The Mathematics Teacher - Alfred S. Posamentier
Corwin Press (1995)
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As a mathematics teacher, you know how hard it can be for students to understand and solve mathematics problems. The old ways of solving problems don't always work. Even the most innovative teachers need some fresh ideas to make mathematics something students comprehend and enjoy.

In The Art of Problem Solving the contributors look at the problem solving in a completely new light. The result is an enticing, entertaining and useful resource.

Mathematics professionals from all over the world offer their personal favourite strategies for problem solving - the practical and theoretical, straightforward and colourful. The chapters are independent of each other, and the editors encourage you to use the chapters in whatever order suits your needs.

With 20 diverse and diverting chapters on ways to solve problems, this book is an invalauble resource for teachers of mathematics.

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