Geometry And Topology - Proceedings Of The Special Year Held At The University of Maryland, College Park, 1983-1984
Springer-Verlag (1985)
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The Department of Mathematics of the University of Maryland held a Special Year in Topology during the academic year 1983-1984. This volume contains articles submitted by the participants of this Special Year.
This is the fifteenth consecutive year that a Special Year has been held at Maryland. The choice of topology as a topic was based on the amount of activity in the field and on the research interests of departmental members. The program consisted of four main sessions, each lasting two or three weeks, and one shorter session, lasting one week. These sessions were
i) 3-manifolds and hyperbolic geometry;
ii) homological methods;
iii) topology and geometry of 4-manifolds;
iv) geometric and analytic methods; and
v) growth of groups.

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