Creative Puzzles Of The World - Pieter van Delft, Jack Botermans
Key Curriculum (1993)
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Education / Teaching Methods & Materials / Mathematics, Games / Logic & Brain Teasers, Games / Puzzles, MATHEMATICS / Logic, Puzzles

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Dewey 372
Format Paperback
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No. of Pages 200
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When you see this book,you'll wonder if there would be any sense in anyone writing another book on puzzles.Well don't fret ,there will be others ,but it will be hard to beat this one.I have loved puzzles since school days ,but this one blew away my mind when I found it.It's got everything;mathematical,matchstick,construction,packing,wire puzzles,string and ball,mazes,magic squares,take apart,tangrams,
sliding,and on and on.Not only are there oodles of photos of new as well as antique or collectible puzzles,but also instructions to make and solve them.If you've come by or have otherwise obtained a puzzle that you've been unable to solve;you'll likely find it here.Even if you don't have one of the puzzles shown,you'll love reading about it,how it,s made and even solved.The pictures and sketches are all excellent.This book alone could keep an enthusastist or novice occupied for years.
In case this book can't be found ,let me tell you about two others,both which involved one of the authors of this book.

The Book of Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles
by Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans
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New Book of Puzzles
by Slocum and Botermans
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