Numerical Recipes: The Art Of Scientific Computing - William H. Press
Cambridge University Press (1986)
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This book aims to teach the methods of numerical computing, and as such it is a practical reference and textbook for anyone using numerical analysis. The authors provide the techniques and computer programs needed for analysis and also advice on which techniques should be used for solving certain types of problems. The authors assume the reader is mathematically literate and is familiar with FORTRAN and PASCAL programming languages, but no prior experience with numerical analysis or numerical methods is assumed. The book includes all the standard topics of numerical analysis (linear equations, interpolation and extrapolation, integration, nonlinear rootfinding, eigensystems and ordinary differential equations). The programs in the book are in ANSI-standard FORTRAN-77 for the main text, and are repeated in UCSDPASCAL at the end. They are available on discs for use on IBM-PC microcomputers and their compatibles. A workbook providing sample programs that illustrate the use of each subroutine and procedure is available, as well as discs giving programs listed in the book in USCD-PASCAL and FORTRAN-77 for use on IBM-PC microcomputers and their compatibles.

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