Lewis Carroll's Symbolic Logic - Part I, Elementary, 1896, Fifth Edition; Part II, Advanced, Never Previously Published - Lewis Carroll, William Warren Bartley III
Clarkson N. Potter (1977)
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Logic, Symbolic and mathematical

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This book has been extremely helpful to me in writing my PhD thesis on Dodgson (Carroll) and his remarkable didactic approach. Unlike many other Victorians, Dodgson used fantasy, imagination,humor and vivid visual descriptions and charts to teach logic to students of all ages - from young children (like Alice) to high school teachers in girls' schools (he promoted logic to all sexes!) and to students in college. Bartley's book presents in a clear and comprehensive manner many of Dodgson's syllogisms and graphic techniques. It also provides insight into Dodgson's methods and history in the introduction, as well as presenting information such as letters and illustrations that shed light on Dodgson's way of thinking. Students / teachers of logic / computer science will be interested in the problem set presented in the second half of the book, with various versions and solutions, including the Members of Parliament Problem and Froggy's problem.