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This book is a collection of 137 algebra problems disguised as word problems. While there is a range of difficulty, most are at the level of what is ordinarily considered college algebra. For example, the first problem is

"If you would add to a number 4/7 of the same number, the sum would be twice the number, less 27. What is the number?"

Or in algebraic notation

x + (4/7)x = 2x - 27 or x = 63.

Number 70 is

See if you can find 2 fractions whose denominators are 9 and 5 and the sum is equal to 113/45.

Or in algebraic notation

x/9 + y/5 = 113/45 or 5x/45 + 7y/45 = 113/45 or 5x + 7y = 113, x = 10, y = 7

Solutions to all the problems are given at the end.
This is a book that requires you to exercise your abilities to translate verbiage into algebraic expressions. Some of these problems are more difficult and there is a wide range of subjects, so if you are looking for this type of problem, you will find this book a valuable resource.

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