Convexity - Roger Webster
Oxford University Press (1994)
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Convex functions, Convex sets, Convexe Functies./ Gtt

This text provides a comprehensive introduction to convex sets and functions. Requiring only a basic knowledge of analysis and linear algebra, the book clearly discusses topics as diverse as number theory, classical extremum problems, combinatorial geometry, linear programming, game theory, polytopes, bodies of constant width, the gamma function, minimax approximation, and the theory of linear, classical, and matrix inequalities. The book clearly shows how convexity links many different topics in mathematics, from linear algebra to analysis. Suitable for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students, this book offers full solutions to over 200 exercises as well as detailed suggestions for further reading.

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Dewey 516/.08
No. of Pages 466
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"An attractive and appealing introduction to the theory and applications of convex sets and functions." --American Mathematical Monthly

"The book has clearly been written with great care and attention to detail....The accessible nature of the book makes it a very good choice for undergraduate or graduate students. It would also be a nice book on which to base an undergraduate course on convexity."--Mathematical Reviews