Lectures On Resolution Of Singularities (Am-166) (Annals Of Mathematics Studies) - Janos Kollar
Princeton University Press (2007)
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Resolution of singularities is a powerful and frequently used tool in algebraic geometry. In this book, János Kollár provides a comprehensive treatment of the characteristic 0 case. He describes more than a dozen proofs for curves, many based on the original papers of Newton, Riemann, and Noether. Kollár goes back to the original sources and presents them in a modern context. He addresses three methods for surfaces, and gives a self-contained and entirely elementary proof of a strong and functorial resolution in all dimensions. Based on a series of lectures at Princeton University and written in an informal yet lucid style, this book is aimed at readers who are interested in both the historical roots of the modern methods and in a simple and transparent proof of this important theorem.

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