Perpendicular Magnetic Recording - Sakhrat Khizroev, Dmitri Litvinov
Springer (2004)
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Magnetic recording is expected to become core technology in a multi-billion dollar industry in the in the very near future. Some of the most critical discoveries regarding perpendicular write and playback heads and perpendicular media were made only during the last several years as a result of extensive and intensive research in both academia and industry in their fierce race to extend the superparamagnetic limit in the magnetic recording media. These discoveries appear to be critical for implementing perpendicular magnetic recording into an actual disk drive. This book addresses all the open questions and issues which need to be resolved before perpendicular recording can finally be implemented successfully, and is the first monograph in many years to address this subject. This book is intended for graduate students, young engineers and even senior and more experienced researchers in this field who need to acquire adequate knowledge of the physics of perpendicular magnetic recording in order to further develop the field of perpendicular recording.

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