Geometric Fundamentals Of Robotics (Monographs In Computer Science) - J.M. Selig
Springer (2004)
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Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics provides an elegant introduction to the geometric concepts that are important to applications in robotics. This second edition is still unique in providing a deep understanding of the subject: rather than focusing on computational results in kinematics and robotics, it includes significant state-of-the art material that reflects important advances in the field, connecting robotics back to mathematical fundamentals in group theory and geometry.

Key features:

* Begins with a brief survey of basic notions in algebraic and differential geometry, Lie groups and Lie algebras

* Examines how, in a new chapter, Clifford algebra is relevant to robot kinematics and Euclidean geometry in 3D

* Introduces mathematical concepts and methods using examples from robotics

* Solves substantial problems in the design and control of robots via new methods

* Provides solutions to well-known enumerative problems in robot kinematics using intersection theory on the group of rigid body motions

* Extends dynamics, in another new chapter, to robots with end-effector constraints, which lead to equations of motion for parallel manipulators

Geometric Fundamentals of Robotics serves a wide audience of graduate students as well as researchers in a variety of areas, notably mechanical engineering, computer science, and applied mathematics. It is also an invaluable reference text.


From a Review of the First Edition:

"The majority of textbooks dealing with this subject cover various topics in kinematics, dynamics, control, sensing, and planning for robot manipulators. The distinguishing feature of this book is that it introduces mathematical tools, especially geometric ones, for solving problems in robotics. In particular, Lie groups and allied algebraic and geometric concepts are presented in a comprehensive manner to an audience interested in robotics. The aim of the author is to show the power and elegance of these methods as they apply to problems in robotics."


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