Tbranch Struct Reference

Detailed Description

A kinematic branch taking from one link to another, typically from the ground link to any one of the links in the mechanisms.

Kinematic branches are used to derive the equations to give coordinates of one link in the global reference frame (i.e., in the frame of reference of the ground link).

Kinematic branches are also used to derive loop equations. In this case we have closed kinematic brances, that is, branches that depart and arribe at the same link.

In any case, kinematic branches are generated expanding a tree from the ground link.

This is only defined here since it is used by Tworld, but all of the methods associated with this object are hidden.

Definition at line 108 of file world.h.

Data Fields

Tvector steps

Field Documentation

Tvector Tbranch::steps

Sequence of steps forming the kinematic chain.

Definition at line 109 of file world.h.

Referenced by AddStepToBranch(), CreateBranch(), DeleteBranch(), GetBranchStep(), GetTransformFromBranch(), and nStepsBranch().