Master Thesis

Fast marching methods for closed-chain motion planning

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  • If you are interested in the proposal, please contact with the supervisors.


One of the most fundamental tasks in robotics is that of path planning: to find a collision-free trajectory to move the robot from one point to another. This problem is particularly challenging if the robots involved in the problem form one or more closed chains. This happens, for instance, in service robots that use two arms to manipulate objects (see for instance the Baxter robot). A classical approach to solve the path planning problems is to define a repulsion field for obstacle and an attraction field for the goal and then to navigate the resulting potential field. In this approach, however, the robot may get trapped in local minima. Recently, fast marching methods have been proposed to address this issue. However, so far these methods have only be applied to robot without closed-kinematic chains.


The objective of this project is to generalize the fast marching methods to the problems involving closed-kinematic chains.


This project requires to

  • Analyze the existing fast marching methods.
  • Identify their basic operations.
  • Implement these operations using the differential geometry tools already included in the CuikSuite.
  • Test the resulting algorithms and evaluate the efficiency and scalability of the methods.


The ideal candidate for this project should have

  • Solid mathematical background.
  • Good programming skill in C/C++.