Master Thesis

Inverse kinematic techniques for the motion planning of cooperative robots

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  • If you are interested in the proposal, please contact with the supervisors.


Robot cooperation is an increasing demand both in industry and in service robots. When two or more robots cooperate to move an object, several constraints appear that complicate the motion planning of the system i.e., the robots can not arbitrarily move releasing or crushing the object, but they must move in a coordinated way holding the object at any time. One of the most popular approaches to plan this coordinated motions uses the inverse kinematic functions of the manipulators involved in the problem.


Develop a path planner for cooperative manipulations using inverse kinematic techniques.


This project involves

  • Implement a generic inverse kinematic module using the algorithm by Manocha and Canny or the IKfast library.
  • Integrate the inverse kinematic module in the CuikSuite.
  • Characterize the systems that systems that can be solved using inverse kinematic techniques.
  • Implement a planner for coordinated manipulation.
  • Perform experiments with simulated and possibly with real robots.


This project can be developed as a degree or master project. The candidate must have

  • experience developing numerical algorithms.
  • some background on robotics.
  • some notions on path planning.