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Research Internship - Design and simulation of fast control strategies for energy systems

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Carlos A. Ocampo Martínez



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The use of renewable sources could significantly reduce the local and global dependence on fossil fuels and lead to a substantial decrease of gas emissions/environment pollution. Unfortunately, several design and control challenges limit their application. Most energy-related devices (e.g., batteries, fuel cells, hydrogen sources, wind turbines) lack suitable control strategies able to optimize their individual behavior and to maximize their benefit when integrated in a smart grid.

About the position
The objective of this project is to develop control techniques able to cope with the reliability, uncertainty, and complexity of such systems. In particular, fault detection and diagnosis strategies will be used to prevent unsafe operations, maximize uptime, and minimize system degradation.

Uncertainty in the intermittency of the energy available from renewable sources will be addressed by stochastic optimization strategies that maximize the dynamic performance and minimize costs and wasted energy. Moreover, the high dimension and nonlinearity of the energy-related devices of interest, including their interaction with the grid, will be addressed through distributed control/optimization strategies. First-principles model-based approaches will be employed to provide a route to the next generation of green energy management systems for both static and mobile applications towards maximizing the overall performance while increasing reliability and decreasing costs.

The position was though mainly for performing research towards finishing a Master’s degree. In any case, given that the research tasks of the candidate will be co-supervised by two professors (from IRI and from MIT), academic visits to MIT will be scheduled (fully covered by the project).



Knowledge: - Suitable knowledge in optimization
- Background of automatic control of dynamical systems
- Suitable level of maths
- Suitable level of Matlab
Languages: It is required a proper knowledge of English (speaking, reading and writing).


Please, send your documentation before 15/06/2018 to:

Email: jobs (at)
Address: Parc Tecnològic de Barcelona. C/ Llorens i Artigas 4-6, 2a planta. 08028 Barcelona, Spain.
Fax: 93 401 57 50
Note: Please, remember to reference the offer (ID-61) and include the following documentation:

- CV
- Short motivation letter
- Academic qualifications (degree and master)