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Josep Maria Porta Pleite



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The "Institut de Robòtica i Informàtica Industrial (IRI), CSIC-UPC" is seeking a research engineer to work under the framework of a recently awarded national project.

IRI is a Joint University Research Institute participated by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) that conducts research in robotics and automatic control. The institute is a key player in the Spanish robotics and automatic control scenes, and a valued participant in a large number of national and international collaborations.

There is an enormous waiting-list of chemicals that have yet to be assessed for potential health and environmental hazards. One of the proposed solutions to evaluate the possible effects of such chemicals is to use imaging and omic technologies for performing toxicity tests on well-known vertebrate and invertebrate model species such as the zebrafish or the daphnia magna. In particular, 2D and 3D imaging technologies may allow the determination of behavioral, developmental, and morphometric relevant information in a medium- and high-throughput manner.

The main objective of this position is to develop imaging technologies to acquire data about the behavior of the zebrafish and the daphnia magna in different (controlled) conditions.

The candidate will be supervised by Dr. Josep M Porta and will work in close collaboration with members of the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research:

A one-year full-time research engineer starting in the second trimester of 2018. The salary will be around 27000 € gross per year. Depending on the candidate, the contract can also be part-time. In this case the term and the salary will be adjusted accordingly.


Qualifications: The candidate must have a degree in a STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) related discipline
Knowledge: Good programming skills in C++ are a must.
Experience: The experience developing computer vision applications will be appreciated (e.g., experience with OpenCV).
The experience designing and building small electronic devices will also be considered (e.g. projects involving Arduinos, etc).
Languages: Fluency in English at least at the level of reading manuals and generating documentation is also necessary.


Please, send your documentation before 15/03/2018 to:

Email: jobs (at)
Address: Parc Tecnològic de Barcelona. C/ Llorens i Artigas 4-6, 2a planta. 08028 Barcelona, Spain.
Fax: 93 401 57 50
Note: Please, remember to reference the offer (ID-57) and include the following documentation: CV and academic transcripts